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Jim is a popular conference speaker and has provided training, independent investigations and human resources consulting to hundreds of private and public employers across the United States since 1980.

If you are looking for an engaging public speaker or an effective trainer for individual workplaces, Jim can tailor presentations or classes to fit your particular needs and workplace culture. If your organization requires independent review of alleged harassment or other misconduct, Jim’s legal background and communications expertise are available to help you sort through disputed facts and claims.

“People can’t learn when they’re bored out of their minds.”

Whether it is a presentation for 500 at a conference or training for 25 in your board room, Jim tailors programs that are informative, entertaining and well received.  One of Jim’s favorite evaluations came after a typical Harassment Prevention program.  A class member wrote, “I was really dreading this class. Our last trainer on this topic nearly put me into a coma, but today’s session was actually fun. I learned a lot, too.  Call me surprised.”

Whether it is preventing harassment, untangling the webs of FMLA and disability accommodations or simply exploring trends in the workplace – Jim helps employers and conference planners create programs that will be effective.

Topics Of Discussionjj

  • Performance Management in the Real World:  Keeping an eye on new legal developments and trends – while also focusing the fundamentals of effective supervision.
  • The Respectful Workplace:  Preventing harassment and discrimination and maintaining a healthy and diverse workplace.
  • Handling Stress Without Stressing Yourself:  How stress can impact a person at work (and in “real life”) and ways that individuals can reduce stress.
  • Political Correctness in the Workplace:  Examines how “political correctness” (and the fear of being labeled in a negative way) can thwart an employer’s diversity and anti-harassment policies.
  • Thinking About The Unthinkable:  Preventing workplace violence, including recognizing potential warning signs and learning how to de-escalate risky situations.
  • Evil Skippy Explains “Everything”:  A sampling of recent trends and topics from Evil Skippy at Work.

Previous Speaking Gigs

Labor Relations Institute

  • Sponsored by the Association of Washington Cities
  • May 2014, Yakima Washington
  • “Evil Skippy’s Ultimate Game Show Challenge” : A creative, very interactive and humorous approach to the latest trends in employment law and human resources issues.

 AASHTO Annual Human Resources Conference

  • (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
  • May 2014, Seattle Washington
  • Keynote Speaker:
  • “Healthy Workplace Fundamentals” : Effective ways to reduce and cope with stress in the workplace

Washington Fire Administrative Support – Annual Conference

  • May 2014, Vancouver Washington
  • “Ethics With A Twist” : How decisions are made and the fundamentals of ethical decision-making, including a framework for making ethical decisions.

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