Writing Coach

Duration:  Varies, depending on the number of participants.  A brief presentation about effective writing skills is offered for multiple participants, followed by individual 1-on-1 coaching.  The coaching generally involves conferences with individual employees that last approximately 30 minutes each.  (Longer sessions are provided, as needed).   Because of the variable timing, the fee for each class will be determined in advance based on the number of participants.

Class Size:  Any number.

Audience:  Any employee with writing responsibilities.

At least one week prior to the conferences, individual employees submit writing samples to the instructor via e-mail.  Samples can be any type of writing project, up to fifteen pages.  (Samples can be portions of larger projects and can also consist of different projects).    The instructor will review the sample and provide constructive feedback to the employee.   Samples will be reviewed for clarity – in other words, the effectiveness of the communication.  Grammar and spelling are addressed only to the extent that any issues interfere with the effectiveness of the communication.  This is NOT a grammar course and no one need fear a dangling participle or split infinitive.

Performance Management Plus Writing Skills

Duration:  This is a full day class (6.5 hours).

Class Size:  Approximately 30-35 is best.  However, smaller and larger class sizes can be conducted to meet the employer’s needs.

Audience:  Managers and supervisors

This class combines elements from the courses “Performance Management (without writing skill component)“, “Nailing the Interview”, and “Managing Leaves, Attendance and Accommodations.”  In addition, elements from other courses can be added or substituted depending on the individual employer’s training needs.