In 1999, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued an Enforcement Guidance interpreting the elements of an employer’s affirmative defense to a discrimination, harassment or retaliation claim.  This Guidance emphasizes that an effective investigation is critical for the employer to be able to rely on the defense.  It is essential that an investigation be prompt, thorough and impartial.

In addition, Jim has effective written and oral presentation skills.  His investigative reports are written in clear and concise language.  Issues are explained in plain English, not with jargon or “legalese”.  He organizes and presents evidence objectively and persuasively, identifying the relevant factors and the weight of the relevant facts.  The end result is a useful tool for management to make the critical decisions that follow allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.As an employment attorney with over twenty years of experience, Jim has the theoretical and practical skills required to effectively identify and evaluate relevant evidence and information.  The result is a well-reasoned conclusion about allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  He is familiar with the laws that will apply to the matters being investigated and is skilled in determining what constitutes relevant corroborating evidence to assess credibility.

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