Meet Evil Skippy

ee7709e8fe42b222ffff8d44ffffe904Evil Skippy is my alter ego.  He is that blunt, unfiltered voice that we all hear at times.  (We do all hear that voice, right?  Don’t tell me if you do not have your own Evil Skippy.  I want to maintain my self-perception of near normalcy).  For years, he has mouthed off when I conduct training.  His comments tend to be a little snarky.  You’d think this would have gotten me into trouble, but it never has.

Employers who hire me and employees who are subjected to my classes tend to love Evil Skippy.  I can feel the disappointment after some classes when Evil Skippy has not “appeared”.  Some clients ask for him by name.  While Evil Skippy is no role model, when I can grasp his ultimate message –  I usually discover that he has stated a deep truth.  All I need to do is repackage the message into a suitably professional sentence or two.

“Evil Skippy at Work” is intended to be a useful and hopefully entertaining look at what makes workplaces great and not-so-great.   Whether you are a new employee or experienced manager, a CEO or HR Director – my goal (with a little help from Evil Skippy) is to provide observations, advice and stories that will help you make your workplace as great as it can be.

You can find “Evil Skippy at Work” at  Happy reading!  Be sure to add your own comments and observations.