Most of my business comes from referrals and past clients. I pride myself for having partnered with a long history of satisfied employers. Here is a sampling of the feedback I have received. (To protect employers’ privacy, I have not included last names or company names).

You were both fast and thorough. The final report was detailed and clear — exactly what we needed in order to make a decision about how to proceed. I especially appreciate your patience with the many challenging personalities involved.

– Linda (Public Sector H.R. Director)

I am writing to convey my appreciation for the quality of instruction you provided our employees during discrimination/harassment training. I suspect many of our employees were not looking forward to a full day of discussion on subjects that many consider “boring.” I think we were all pleasantly surprised to find the entire day of instruction engaging, informational, and very well presented. From a management perspective, the time and expense in this training represents a great investment in a better workplace, as well as our commitment to the well being of our employees. It is my pleasure to commend you and provide a standing recommendation for your services to any potential clients.

– Andrew (Private Sector CEO)

I wanted to let you know that your training was quite beneficial. At the time, we had a couple of employees who didn’t think the training was necessary. Well, we had a couple of incidents that certainly changed their mind/tune on the issue. We had an employee threaten to stab another employee with scissors. Because of your training, the Lead knew what to do. He said, “I sure am glad that I had that training!” I was glad too! Later, we had an employee attempt suicide right on the plant floor. Again, the Leads responded correctly and got help right away… Thanks again for the high caliber of training, it certainly has made a positive difference.

– Laura (Private Sector H.R. Director)

You were a smashing success at our Administration of Discipline training workshop. To hold the attention of sixty-five Librarians and Managers for three hours is a daunting task when dealing with the dry dry subject of employee discipline. You were excellent. Our group was very specific in its feedback — great specificity, great relevance and great lawyer jokes. The cases you selected were very cogent and help crystallize the concepts we were discussing. We value your counsel greatly.

– Willean (Public Sector H.R. Director)

Thank you so much for your presentation at our Expanded Leadership Team retreat. The information you presented helped establish a framework for our team as they develop the expectations for our staff in the coming weeks. Your wit and great attitude were a perfect finish to a long day for our staff, and you made the subject of legalities more interesting and therefore, more useful. Thank you again for making the topic fun and interesting, yet serious.

– Virginia (Public Sector Agency Director)