Training Programs

Court decisions and newspaper headlines make it very clear that employers who fail to train regarding employee expectations and obligations are at the highest risk of litigation, inefficiency and low workplace morale. In certain cases, failure to train can mean that employers are liable even for situations that were never reported to management. The programs offered by Jim Webber Training are designed to create enjoyable learning experiences that help employers remain in compliance with applicable laws and also foster the best possible working environments.

Most of the courses described below are offered in full or half-day sessions, and most topics can be tailored for a short “Breakfast Briefing” or “Brown Bag” presentation. In addition, detailed programs for managers and supervisors are available that combine a variety of topics in training series that can be presented over consecutive days or spread over a period of weeks — any schedule that works best for your workplace. Jim Webber Training will work with you to develop an effective and meaningful learning experience for your team.

Here is a list of current training courses. Click the links for more descriptions on each course! Other topics can be developed — just ask!

Harassment Prevention Courses

Supervisory Skills Courses

Investigations and Hearings

Creating Safe and Respectful Workplaces


Writing Courses

Mini Courses

The courses listed below can be offered as part of a retreat, management or all-employee meeting or as presentations at conferences. (They can also be offered as regular workplace training courses). In addition, portions of any full-length course can be modified for short presentations.